SHS Graduation Requirements & Project

As in every school District, students in the Allegheny Valley School District must complete a number of requirements in order to graduate.  According to Policy #217, "The Board shall adopt the graduation requirements students must achieve, which shall include course completion and grades, completion of a culminating project, and satisfactory results of district and/or state assessments aligned with academic standards."  

Graduation Requirements  

The following credits (24 Credits minimum) must be earned in each of the following areas:

English 4.0 Credits
Mathematics 3.0 Credits
Social Studies 4.0 Credits
Science 3.0 Credits
Health 1.0 Credit
Physical Education 2.0 Credits
Personal Finance 0.5 Credits
Communications/Public Speaking 0.5 Credits
Electives (one in Arts or Humanities) 5.0 Credits
One additional Credit in Science, Math, or an approved
S.T.E.M.-related Class 1.0 Credit

*Courses in the Program of Studies are S.T.E.M. credit eligible

Graduation Project