District Employment Freq Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for a position with the Allegheny Valley School District?

When a vacancy becomes available, the District will first establish position criteria. All positions are first posted internally. The Allegheny Valley School District will post openings on its web site, in local newspapers, and on other message boards. Application information is listed on the District's web site.  Substitute teachers are considered as well among qualified candidates.

Q: Should I send a complete application packet?

A: The District will advertise for specific positions and application packets will be accepted for these openings. Applications for support positions are accepted year-round. Application forms may be downloaded and printed from this web site.

Q: What happens when there is an open position in the Allegheny Valley School District?

A: The District will publish open positions as they become available on its web page under the Employment section. Letters of interest should then be mailed to Mr. Patrick M. Graczyk, Superintendent. For classified positions, application packets are to be mailed to the Administration Center. All information received will be dated and candidates may be selected for the interview process. Due to the volume of information received, the District may not respond to all individuals who submit credentials.

Q: How would I arrange for a field experience, student teaching assignment, or internship with Allegheny Valley?

A: Student teaching or field experiences will be coordinated between the college/university and the Allegheny Valley School District. Undergraduate students should direct the college/ university representative to contact the building principal. (Student teaching arrangements will be accepted only if requested by a college representative.) Internships should be requested through the Superintendent's Office and coordinated with the administrator responsible for that area of interest. In all cases, requests must be accompanied by a resume, details/requirements for the experience, and proper clearances.