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The Power of Hello

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“Hello” is more than just a simple greeting…it’s a way to reach out, to open the lines of communication, to begin new friendships.  Hello is an easy way to acknowledge another person, who may be sitting beside us, the teammate with us on the field, or the lone individual walking down the hall. 

The pandemic brought about a number of concerns with which schools now have to manage.  Students come to school with a different mindset.  They had been isolated from their peers, had to wear masks that physically created a barrier to others, just to name a few.  The consequences come to the forefront as mental and behavioral health concerns.  Through the many comments in the news and on the Internet, we know that student well-being – physical, behavioral, and mental – has become a top priority.

The question becomes, how can schools support students, what can we do to help, and how can we change this new momentum?

Allegheny Valley has developed “ The Power of Hello.”  An idea that we hope will assist with changing this trend.  The thought is simple – say hello to those you come upon throughout the school day.  In class, in the hallways, at lunch, wherever you are around the buildings and on campus.  In other words, we’re asking you to join us and Try Hi.   We’ve brought Reddy in to help; he’s on board.  Are you?



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