District Message


The Allegheny Valley School District enthusiastically welcomes back students and staff for the 2020-2021 school year!!  We are very excited to begin education, even if was via remote learning.  Although there were some challenges, it has been a very positive start for students and staff.  District staff will continue to work on the development of the hybrid model, and information will be sent to families as it becomes available.  We ask that you keep in mind that even if the District moves forward with its transition into the next phase of our plan, at any given time we could reverse direction depending on the guidance from county and state officials.

In addition, with guidance from Allegheny County and the WPIAL, sporting events, marching band, cheerleaders, and players are the student groups permitted to attend games.  At this time, no spectators are permitted, however, many of our Dynamo fans are aware the Governor recently announced that spectators will be permitted to attend outdoor events. This announcement forces school districts to limit the number of spectators, which will create incredible inequities. We kindly ask for your patience as we still wait on more guidance and to provide time to put a plan together. As we receive updated information, we will communicate that information to our families.  

We are the home of the Springdale Dynamos and our District's vision fervently calls upon all of us to situate our students in the best possible educational environment, mentally and physically, to optimize learning opportunities.  It is important for our students to grasp success in school; consequentially, of equal importance is that our students harness the necessary skills to blossom in an undefined future after graduation. Well-prepared teachers and instructional leaders carefully cultivate these skills.  We will continue to make this objective a priority, no matter the format that the District must navigate during these times. 

With this year's theme “Together We Can,” we approach the new school year, as an unique opportunity to not only educate, but to learn from each other.  Together we can make this year a memorable and positive one for students, staff, and families.  Together we can overcome challenges.  Together we can and together we will continue to build a better Allegheny Valley.  


Patrick M. Graczyk



300 Pearl Avenue
Cheswick, PA 15024