District Social Worker

District Social Worker: Ms. Danielle Britton, LSW, HSV

Phone: (724) 274-5300 ext. 6122
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Monitoring students’ overall attendance for the district.
    • If a student is having truancy issues, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be invited to a Student Attendance Improvement Conference (SAIC) to discuss the absences and make a plan to avoid further truancy.
    • Referrals can be made to an outside truancy prevention program should a student continue to struggle with truancy in school.
  • Attending and participating in the Student Assistance Program (SAP) team meetings at both school buildings.
    • If the parent(s) are interested in learning more about the SAP program or would like to refer their child, please reach out to the social worker or contact any of the school counselors.
  • Addressing mental health concerns both individually and/or in a group setting for students and making appropriate connections.
    • The social worker can meet with students one-on-one for general check-ins or to provide a student with coping skills and create long- and short-term goals. Please contact the office if there is interest.
    • Small group counseling is available at Springdale Jr.-Sr. High School and Acmetonia Elementary around the topics of social skills, stress & anxiety as well as assisting with grief. Please contact the schools with any questions about groups or interest in them.
    • If a student is struggling with mental health and outside resources are needed, please contact the social worker to see what connections can be made for students.
  • Connecting families to available outside resources
    • If there is a need for resources (clothing, access to gas cards, rental and utility assistance, etc.) there are connections/resources that are available for families in the Pittsburgh area. Please contact the social work office for more information.