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The attached document provides updated vaccination guidelines for all schools in Pennsylvania. The focus of the these new guidelines are to decrease the amount of time school districts have allowed students to be ‘provisionally’ enrolled. In other words, the student does not have all of the immunizations required to attend school, but has proven to have at least one of the doses of the required immunizations. The window has been decreased from 8 months to 5 days. For example, Kindergarten students will have 5 days, from the beginning of school year, to either get the immunizations required OR provide a note from a physician documenting the reason for not having the immunization OR documenting when the appropriate dose will be given. A student who is transferring into the District from another state or country will be given 30 days to provide documentation. Other exceptions are also detailed in the attachment. Please contact the school nurse, Ms. Kandi Conner, at 724-274-8100 with any questions.

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