Community & Alumni

The Allegheny Valley School District emerged in 1965 when the municipalities of Cheswick Borough, Harmar Township, Springdale Borough, and Springdale Township agreed to dissolve their previous jointure. The communities began a new venture with the current District. Four residential communities located about 15 miles northeast of Pittsburgh comprise the Allegheny Valley School District. The area has convenient access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike via the Allegheny Valley Exit and the Allegheny Valley Expressway (PA Route 28).

The region holds a rich heritage beginning with early mining and industrial operations and continuing to today’s light industry and local business district. Several generations of residents who have established familial roots in the area maintain the District’s strong traditions. Because family ties to the area are strong, the turnover rate with residents remains low. This occurrence has led to a leveling off of the number of students who attend the District. However, all members of the population support the schools and their ventures.

The area’s most famous citizen, noted writer and environmentalist Rachel Carson, was born in Springdale and attended school in the District. Her homestead remains open to the public year-round. Many individuals take the opportunity to visit this historical landmark every year. Springdale Jr-Sr High School sits on the previous Carson Farm.