Technology Department

Supervisor of Technology: Brett Slezak 

Phone: 724-274-5300
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Giving students the opportunity to learn through technology has always been an important focus of the Allegheny Valley School District.  In the age of a global pandemic and social distancing, using technology and connecting to the Internet has become an essential cornerstone of learning across the globe.  Our dependence on technology for virtual learning on such a massive scale is something that is new for all of us.   Technology is a wonderful way to help connect us at this moment, but it can also be increasingly a source of frustration when we have to troubleshoot and problem solve issues when it is not working.   It can feel increasingly overwhelming when you not even sure where to start when something goes wrong.  When this happens, try to keep calm and stay patient.  Know that you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when you need help.  Please use the two buttons below to navigate to our common tech support help guides and a "Get Connected" page dedicated to ways to get connected to the Internet.

Best Regards,

Brett Slezak
Supervisor of Technology




T-Mobile Project 10 Million

This fall, AVSD was accepted into T-Mobile's Project 10 Million, which provides free or low-cost mobile hotspots to disconnected or under-connected families.  These mobile hotspots are small devices that use cellular data to connect to the internet that your Chromebook, iPad, or Laptop can connect to.  AVSD was awarded a limited number of devices, each of which has 100 Gigabytes of data loaded on them for the year.   In order to take part in this program, students must be enrolled in the National School Lunch Program and qualify for Free/Reduced lunch.  If you are interested in taking part in this program please complete the application in the link below.  There is no cost to students or families for this program.

AVSD's Project 10 Million Application




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