SHS Graduation Requirements & Project

Graduation Requirements for Class of 2020

4 Credits of English 
3 Credits of Math 
3 Credits of Science 
4 Credits of Social Studies 
3 Credits of Health/PE 
5 Credits of Electives 
.5 Credit of Microsoft Office 
22.5 Credits Total

In addition to credits, students are required to complete a graduation project. The project includes: volunteer hours, job shadow, college/military visit, reflections, cover letter, resume, and exit interview.

Graduation Project 
In the Allegheny Valley School District, it is required that students participate in and successfully complete a two-year cumulative graduation project. 

The graduation project represents the culmination of a student’s K-12 education. Successful completion of the project demonstrates that a student can manage complex, time-consuming, goal-oriented tasks and enhance communication skills. 

All components of the graduation project must be completed in order to pass the Graduation Project requirement. Students must earn a score of advanced or proficient on the Exit Interview in order to complete the final culminating project. Advanced or proficient completion of the Graduation Project is required in order to receive a high school diploma and be invited to participate in the commencement ceremony. Each Springdale High School student will be guided by a mentor through the project process. Accommodations will be made for students with special needs. Students who do not pass the exit interview will be remediated and provided an additional opportunity to proficiently complete the exit interview prior to the graduation date. 

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