2021-22 Fundraisers

 The following fundraisers have been approved by the administration:

Club Fundraiser Dates Benefits Delivery Date
Acmetonia Elementary  Sale: Fidget Spinners 4/11-4/13  Allegheny Valley PTA    
Acmetonia Elementary  Sale: Sarris Candy 4/7  Allegheny Valley PTA    
Acmetonia Elementary  Sale: Art to Remember 4/4  Allegheny Valley PTA    
Academic Games  Sale: Pizza  3/17-4/1  Trip to Nationals  4/13  
Academic Games  Sale: Pepperoni Rolls  3/16-3/23  Trip to Nationals  4/5  
Choir (Show Choir)  Bake Sale  3/15-3/17  Activities  3/15-3/17  During SHS Lunches
Academic Games  Sale: Pittsburgh Popcorn  2/24-3/21  Trip to Nationals  4/4  
Academic Games  Sale: Hoagies  2/22-3/21  Trip to Nationals  3/24  Delivery to SHS Main Office
Spanish Club  Pulsura Project  3/7-3/21  Benefits Impoverished Artisans  3/7-3/21  During SHS Lunches
Academic Games  Sale: Pepperoni Rolls  2/9-2/17  Trip to Nationals  2/24  Delivery to SHS Main Office
Senior Class  Sale: Pura Vida Bracelets  Ongoing  Senior Events    
Senior Class  Sale: T-shirts  Ongoing  Senior Events    
GSA  Sale: Conversation Hearts  2/7-2/14  Future Activities  2/7-2/14  During SHS Lunches/Homeroom
Band Boosters  KSWA Wrestling Event Ticket Sales  2/1-3/25  Trips & Supplies  3/25  
Prom Committee/Junior Class   Primanti's Dine-In 2/28  Prom  2/28  At Primanti's Restaurant (Harmar)
Prom Committee/Junior Class  Valentine's Day Bake Sale 2/7-2/9  Prom  2/7-2/9  During SHS Lunches
SADD  Sale: Little Hugs & Hershey Kisses 2/10-2/11  Prom Promise Activity 2/10-2/11  During SHS Lunches


      - Fundraiser has ended.   





300 Pearl Avenue
Cheswick, PA 15024