Acmetonia Publications

The School District publishes a range of publications that provide information on Acmetonia Elementary School’s programs and activities. Many of these items give parents and students an overview of the school operations, academic requirements, and educational happenings. Additional information and publications can be found on the homepage under Communications/District Publications.

Kennywood Ticket Sales


2020-2021 Elementary Parent/Student Guide – Guidelines, policies, and procedures for Acmetonia Elementary School Students.

Building Readers Series: Monthly newsletters shared by the Acmeotnia Elementary Reading Department for Families
Building Readers - Elementary (December 2020)

Getting Ready for Kindergarten Series – A series of pamphlets dedicated to helping parents get students ready for their Kindergarten Experience. 

Preparing for Kindergarten: Tips for Reading with Your Child    
Preparing for Kindergarten: Authors and Illustrators Everyone Should Know


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