Grants Awarded

Congratulations to two Acmetonia Elementary teachers who were awarded grants:

- McCall Emerick, $500 for Classroom Greenhouse to provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on, experiential learning through gardening.  The greenhouse will support the class's Farm to Table Program, which helps to improve access to healthier food options, such as vegetables, in order to decrease the consumption of less healthy foods and sodas.  In addition, the program gives students increased knowledge about gardening, agriculture, healthy food, local food, and seasonality.
- Sheila Reed, $2500 CodeCombat After-School Program for Upper Elementary Students.  The program will build around an elementary technology group that will prepare students for the World of Technology by participating in age-appropriate activities. Computer skills and technologies are taught through a mix of direct instruction, computers, iPads, and non- computer activities. 

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Cheswick, PA 15024