Winter Notes

It's December..the District reminds families that Allegheny Valley schools will be closed over the Holiday Break, beginning on Friday, December 23rd and running through Sunday, January 1st.  Classes resume on Tuesday, January 2nd.  Throughout the weeks of December, students will be active in numerous holiday activities, philanthropic endeavors, and athletic events, in addition to their regular classwork.  We are excited that our students are so engaged in the schools and in the community.  Our thanks is extended to families for all of their support.

When students return from break, the end of the second quarter comes quickly - January 10.  Mid-terms, changing schedules, report cards, and the second semester are right around the corner.  We encourage students to rest and relax during the break, to recharge and return to the schools ready for all the events that occur in the second half of the year. 

Allegheny Valley welcomes Mr. Mark Gizler, Springdale Jr-Sr High School's Technology Education Teacher, to the District.  Mr. Gizler brings years of experience with him to enhance an excellent techonology program.  

In addition: 

Inclement Weather

Should a delay or cancellation be necessary, the information will be placed on the District’s website The District will also use KDKA television and radio. 

Virtual Instruction Days

The Allegheny Valley School District has been granted virtual days by the state in the event of emergencies. Should the District have to go virtual, set expectations will be followed. As with other emergencies, the District will announce the change of routine on the District's website, social media pages, and through the local television stations. 

Flu & Other Illnesses

Viruses can spread rapidly through a school. Parents are asked to be cautious about sending their child to school if he/she shows symptoms of the flu, respiratory illness, or other diseases.