Fall Notes

It's October...temperatures are starting to fall, days will be getting shorter, and the holidays will be here before you know it.  Many of the School District's traditional activities will be held during the next few months.   With all of the craziness that these times bring, the District reminds families of some necessary procedures.

Inclement Weather

Should a delay or cancellation be necessary, the District will make its official announcement on KDKA radio and television. This information will be put on the station before 6 a.m. whenever possible. The details will also be placed on the District’s website www.avsdweb.org. These two sources will be used as the primary method for informing parents. We MAY also extend this information to the other television stations. We encourage parents to utilize the website for the most up-to-date information.

To prepare for possible inclement weather, the District will conduct a TEST of its Emergency Phone System, Blackboard Connect. The test will be scheduled, with information being released to all families.  The system will call the number(s) you provided on your child's Emergency Information. You will receive a message that informs you of the test. Please do not call the school or try to return the call. Again, the District is only conducting a test. Please be informed that if you do not want to be a part of this early warning system, you should send a letter to your child’s building principal informing him/her of your decision.

Cancellations for inclement weather are called in the best interest of student, staff, and community safety.  Delays are called to allow road crews, building personnel, and other groups to prepare safe travel routes for our buses and other vehicles. It also allows time for residents to clear sidewalks during heavy snowfalls for safe walkways for student use. In addition, delays and cancellations due to extreme subzero temperatures have become more frequent than in the past. Delays and cancellations seldom please everyone. For this reason, parents should decide what is best for their child in deciding whether or not he/she should attend school. Conditions throughout the District vary greatly, as well as the personal needs of each family. Please rely on your best judgment in determining a course of action to take during inclement weather.

Virtual Instruction Days

The Allegheny Valley School District has been granted virtual days by the state in the event of emergencies. Should the District have to go virtual, for example: snow prohibits individuals from coming to the buildings, expectations will be established so that everyone understands how to proceed on these days. As with other emergencies, the District will announce the change of routine on the District's website, social media pages, and through the local television stations. Guidance has been given to staff members for teaching virtually, and administrators will be posting information for parents and students in the coming week. Please look for this information as we move forward.

Finally, these months also bring the first signs of the flu. As you know, this type of virus can spread rapidly through a school. Parents are asked to be cautious about sending their child to school if he/she shows symptoms of the flu.