The Allegheny Valley School District closely monitors developments with the COVID-19 pandemic and positive cases within the District. Updates will be posted here to provide information to the community. 


     Acmetonia Elementary:    05/07/2021 - 05/20/2021
     Springdale Jr-Sr High:   
14-day period begins with the first day of our first positive symptoms.
 Acmetonia ElementarySpringdale Jr-Sr HighDistrictOut of District
Active 0 0 0 0
Inactive 7 9 2 0
Total 7 9 2 0
Active 2 1 0 0
Inactive 21 19 0 2
Total 23 20 0 2
     District Affiliated/Contractors#
Active  0  0 0 0
Inactive  0  0 0 3
Total  0  0 0 3
Cases Applicable to
14-Day Rolling Period
1 0 0 0
 *District Staff includes transportation, extracurricular/athletic, central administration, and those employees who work in both buildings.
**Out of District students include students who live in the District, but attend private, parochial, or special schools.
#Adults employed with other companies but working in the District or individuals associated with groups using District facilities.


xxxxxxCurrent Activexxxxxx


64 3 67
Active Cases are confirmed positive cases.  They are added to the 14-day period if the individual was physically present in the school buildng when infectious.
Inactive Cases are 14 days or more past the symptom onset date and are no longer contagious.


Acmetonia Elementary School and Springdale Jr-Sr High School currently remain open.


Allegheny Valley’s Health and Safety Plan downloaded here (PDF)  was updated on December 16, 2020.


The rolling 14-day period begins with the date of the first positive case, which is either the date the individual was first symptomatic (if known) or the date the individual was tested. 

For example, if a student is identified as a case on December 1, and three more students in the building are identified as cases on December 13, there are four total cases in the school’s rolling 14-day period until December 14 (14 days from the date that the first student was identified as a case). The other three students then would remain in the rolling 14-day period until December 26 (14 days from December 13).

More information from


Allegheny Valley stresses the importance of students and staff to administer the AVSD Symptom Screening Tool every day. If an individual is symptomatic or may have been in close contact with a positive case, he/she needs to stay home and contact the school nurse immediately. The cooperation of District staff and families with sharing information with nurses and reporting any and all positive cases of COVID-19 within your family or close contacts is very important.



2-17-21: The District will return students to four-day per week in-person learning on March 8, 2021. Building principals will be sending information to parents in the weeks prior to the schedule change.

1-22-21: The District continues to learn and revise its health practices and protocols to provide the safest environment possible for students and staff. With that in mind, Allegheny Valley has modified its Health & Safety Plan to incorporate more stringent guidelines for face coverings. All individuals must wear masks to cover their nose and mouth while in the school building/grounds. Individuals with health or other concerns may be approved to wear a face shield due to their personal circumstances. Teachers may wear face shields in their classroom while teaching, only if/when the appropriate social distancing can be maintained. When traveling throughout the school building/grounds, all students and staff members must wear a face mask, not a face shield or gaiter.  

1-15-21: The Allegheny Valley School District no longer sends individual emails regarding positive COVID-19 cases. The District now reports all positive cases on a weekly basis through this newsletter. Allegheny Valley is also adding updated information to its website with a new COVID-19 Tracker, which will be updated on a weekly basis for any new cases reported.  Cases attributed to the school are identified in the Tracker and are useful in considering if and when schools will close.  Cases attributed to the schools are cases where an individual was contagious while in school or was exposed to a known positive COVID-19 individual in the school.


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