Legionella Update: 1-12-21

Below is the information from the District on the most recent re-test for Legionella at Springdale Jr-Sr High School.

January 11, 2020: The District has received the results from the Legionella second re-test at Springdale Jr-Sr High School; all results are negative. Three fixtures were re-tested on January 4, 2021 and did not detect concentrations of Legionella.  No further testing is needed at this time, and all water locations will be restarted.

Springdale Jr-Sr HIgh School Retest results


December 4, 2020: The District has received the results from the Legionella re-test at Springdale Jr-Sr HIgh School.  The District replaced hardware in six locations, which were then re-tested; three still have concentrations of Legionella.  Cleaning, superheating, and running the water are the main recommendations from the testing company, with hyperchlorination of the affected areas as the next step.  At this time, the District is consulting with a plumber to discuss options and assist with the matter.  Once completed, the District will re-test these areas. 

Springdale Jr-Sr High School Retest 2 results

Attached is the November 10, 2020 letter from the Superintendent concerning results from the Legionella water testing.

Remediation was completed and re-tests conducted at both buildings.  The water re-tests found no Legionella in the water at Acmetonia; however, several places at the high school still tested with amounts of Legionalla.  Additional informaiton

Acmetonia Elementary School Retest results

Springdale Jr-Sr High School Retest results


October 22, 2020 Information:  Letter from the Superintendent

Tests were completed in both the Acmetonia Elementary School and Springdale Jr-Sr High School. The water tests found elevated levels of legionella in the water at various sink locations in both schools. Legionella is a type of bacterium found naturally in freshwater environments and can grow when buildings are dormant for an extended period of time.

Acmetonia Elementary School Test results

Springdale Jr-Sr High School Test Results

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